Rocio Rodriguez: :

Archive Exhibition:

Rocio Rodriguez: Curated by Dr Natalie Maria Roncone

7/9 to 7/19

Opening reception: 6.30 p.m - 8 p.m. Thursday, July 9

Various questions have led Rocio Rodriguez to where her work is today. She wonders: What is the nature of a specific thing if it can be represented in various ways, even in opposing ways?  Essentially this is an existential question.

Her query has led to a pictorial examination of her own process and an empirical investigation of her visual vocabulary by distilling the image to the essentials of mark making.  Pedestals, boxes of color and fragments of paint are stacked within her canvases as a way of offering an image that elevates the parts of the whole of what makes a painting, thus building new images via deconstruction.

The Big Bend landscape had its effect during Rodriguez’s residency at Marfa Contemporary: Light and strong color have taken a new prominence in her work. In the desert, forms appear and disappear dependent upon the light -- they sometimes shimmer or seem transparent or become mere shadows in a vast ephemeral space. Rodriguez has always been attracted to the transient, the temporal and finding a space where things are not necessarily fixed. This attitude carries into her work. The exhibit’s title, Framing the Unframable, refers to the enormous and boundless space where earth and sky meet and where often the horizon is lost. 

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