Sculptural IdentitiesWorkshop

Mar. 2nd, 1-5pm

In conjunction with our exhibition of British artist Boo Ritson (opening February 25th), Marfa Contemporary invites participants to our second community art workshop which will take place Saturday March 2nd from 1pm to 5pm.

Boo Ritson depicts characters and still lifes drawn from her own imagined narratives merged with borrowed Americana. For each piece she paints her subject in a thick emulsion and then has the scene photographed while the paint is still wet. The resulting image sits somewhere between painting, sculpture, performance and photography.

In the spirit of Ritson’s work the workshop will allow students to explore various self-identifying artworks by Ritson in order to create their own sculptural identities using Styrofoam and other art media. The students will make sculptural heads with paint, found materials, and mixed media that reflect their cultural heritage or assume the role of an alter-ego, real or imagined. They will be able to brainstorm their own interests, hopes, dreams and hobbies to use as reference/research, focusing on expressions of their identity and the Principle of Design.

The workshop will be run by artist Jennie Lyn Hamilton. Jennie Lyn has worked in media, messaging and production for over 20 years. She has shot, produced and shown art videos ("I Dream of Being Compost," "Lost Found Atman," "Alien Nation," and "Moon of Deserted Minds"); produced an award-winning feature film FAR MARFA (in theaters 2013); produced and written media campaigns for political candidates (Ann Richards, Lloyd Doggett, Ken Bentson, Chet Edwards), social service agencies (Medicaid, Adult Family Services) and environmental causes (Save Our Springs, Westcave Preserve) throughout the United States; and directed award-winning commercials and short documentaries for the Department of Education and National Health Centers (Healthy Kids Learn Better).

Jennie Lyn is director of Marfa Live Arts, a nonprofit performing arts organization serving Far West Texas, which presents theater and dance opportunities for the Trans-Pecos region and beyond. She hosts a weekly news show on Marfa Public Radio, and is a freelance producer and arts educator for Ballroom Marfa, The Chinati Foundation, MISD, Marfa International School). Jennie Lyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Texas.

The workshop is free of charge and open to participants 5 years and upwards. We look forward to seeing you there for an afternoon of creativity and fun!

To register please call Marfa Contemporary on 432-729-3500 or email with your name, email address and telephone number.

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