Paint-A-Pollock! Children's WorkshopPaint it Out! at Marfa Contemporary

Saturday December 20th 12-3pm

Spatter it! Drip it! Discover how famous celebrity artist Jackson Pollock invented new ways of painting. Explore his art and studio through film footage of the artist at work, and then drip and pour paint onto your own paintings to make your very own Pollock!!

Children are welcomed to clips of Pollock in action in the backyard of his house, dripping paint on a glass canvas as he explains his careful and calculated painting method; a method that is often mistaken for chaos. Shot by Hans Namuth, a Hamptons photographer who documented the painter in action in the late 40s, the film lends an exciting new dimension to the appreciation of Pollock’s work—even for kids. After the video the children will create their own Pollock-style drip paintings using sticks, turkey basters and paint brushes, throwing, pouring, dripping and splattering paint onto raw canvas.

Be sure to wear old clothes, as turkey basters become loaded cannons when filled with paint in the hands of children–no one is safe from the errant glob of color. The splat of bubbling paint onto the canvas will be heard as tiny paint-soaked hands reach for turkey basters and tongue depressors and plot their next move to form their personal work of art. When the fun is over, the young artists can take home their very own Pollock!

The workshop will be run by Dr Natalie Maria Roncone who is an art historian and expert on the work of Jackson Pollock and American AbstractExpressionism.

Please join us for an instructive and fun day where children from age 4 and up can learn both about the technique of Jackson Pollock and have an amazing fun experience recreating the drip paintings of this master of Modern American Art.

The workshop is free and light snacks and refreshments will be made available to all.

To register please email or call 432.249.1279 and leave your information.

This workshop is organized by Director Dr Natalie Maria Roncone

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