Ann Marie Nafziger : Field Notes 2014

Ann Marie Nafziger : Habitat (Spring Fever) 2014

Ann Marie Nafziger : Habitat (Winter Light) 2014

Ann Marie Nafziger : This Island No.1, 2014

Ann Marie Nafziger : Untitled (Hothouse), 2014

Current Exhibit:

Ann Marie Nafziger: Field Notes:

Curated by Dr. Natalie Maria Roncone

August 24th to October 3rd 2014

Ann Marie Nafziger: Field Notes

Curated by Dr. Natalie Maria Roncone

August, 2014

"My work is influenced by direct experiences with the natural environment and especially concerned with temporality, instability, mutation and change. Field Notes is a record of some of my observations and reflections over the past two years."

Marfa Contemporary are thrilled to be able to share a selection of Ann Marie Nafziger’s new works which are directly influenced by her experiences within the landscape. The paintings characterize Nafziger’s engagement with temporality, instability and entropy. In this new series, Nafziger has condensed the rich and tactile painterly qualities of her earlier canvases into ever-evolving organic forms of prismatic colors set against variously toned whites, connoting at once surface and space. Nafziger’s characteristic marks of revision—scraping, visible underpainting, pigment feathering, and glazing—often remain, but often in much more stripped-down, crisply toned formats, such as the new linen pieces which display a graphic linearity while shaping an elusive figuration.


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